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What's Worth Watching Notes - October 27, 2011

What's Worth Watching show #12 will replay Sunday at 7am Eastern on Howard 101.  At least that's what they tell us.

- Jenny's TV News 
{January Jones alleged baby daddy, Ruth Madoff on 60 Minutes, Lady Gaga uses bit torrent for Top Chef, Kaley Cuoco hosting People's Choice}
- Interview with Kate Gosselin
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Today, Homeland, Once Upon A Time, The League, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- What's Worth Watching: October 27 - November 2

Kate Gosselin (
- Recently started tweeting and it's HER typing those tweets
- Realized life would never be the same in January 2008 as the show exploded
- All eight kids miss traveling and taping the show
- Thinks a lot reality TV is very much scripted for ratings but they were just living their lives
- Feels most people dislike her because she is always real on or off camera
- Crew was always sensitive to what was going on in the house
- Thinks moms getting married shouldn't have to stay in sweatpants and t shirts
- Never set out to be TV personality and does not like the paparazzi
- Renewing vows in Hawaii was her & Jon's idea but things changed at home
- Insists her marriage would have ended with or without the TV show
- Has no regrets doing Dancing With The Stars and was surprised by how intense the competition was
- Classifies herself as a stay at home working mom which makes zero sense
- Patiently answered all the questions Jon's daughters had for her
- Called out Jon on tweeting and texting through dance recitals
- Watches Dexter and the kids watch Nickelodeon and Disney
- Gave permission to Jon or his kids to babysit the 8 anytime
- Doesn't think she fits into The Bachelorette but would consider a dating show

Ronnie Mund (
- Wondered if it was the Prince's baby on Gossip Girl
- World Series has driven him to watch Dancing With The Stars
- Feels Caruso needs to step it up on CSI: Miami
- Couldn't come up with a question from Dudley

JD Harmeyer (
- Disappointed in Kaley Cuoco's recent engagement
- Enjoyed Kate Gosselin's form fitting animal patterned dress

Steve Brandano (
- Predicts a bad actor will spawn from Ashton Kutcher & January Jones

Jenny Hutt (
- Was a lawyer and notary before her days as radio host
- Bonded with Kate Gosselin over wanting to be a MILF
- Found an ally in Kate when it came to picking on Jon

Jon Hein (
- Anointed Kate Gosselin as queen of reality TV
- Felt double teamed by Jenny and Kate who love to talk
- Made his daughter's day asking Kate those questions
- Feels Sunday night is the best night on TV

What’s Worth Watching
October 27 – November 2
8p          Community (NBC)
              The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
              It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (ABC) (Jon's Pick)
830p      Parks & Recreation (NBC)
9p          The Office (NBC)
              Person Of Interest (CBS)   (Jenny's Pick)
              Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)  (Ronnie's Pick)
10p        It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)
              Beavis and Butt-head (MTV) {premiere} (JD's Pick)
              Prime Suspect (NBC)
              The Mentalist (CBS)
1030p    The League (FX) 
              Good Vibes (MTV) {premiere}

8p         World Series Game 7 (FOX)
             Chuck (NBC) {5th season premiere} (Jon's pick)
9p         Grimm (NBC) {pilot} (Steve's and JD's pick)
10p       Boss (STARZ)  
             Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) 
8p         From The Sky Down (SHO) 

7p         60 Minutes (CBS) 
8p         Sunday Night Football: Cowboys vs Eagles (NBC)
             Once Upon A Time (ABC)
             The Simpsons: Tree House of Horror (FOX)  (Steve's Pick)
830p     Allen Gregory (FOX) {pilot}  (JD's Pick)
9p         The Walking Dead (AMC)  (Ronnie's Pick)
             Boardwalk Empire (HBO)  (Jon's PIck)
             The Good Wife (CBS)  (Jenny's Pick)
             Dexter (SHO) 
10p       Homeland (SHO) 
             Hung (HBO)
1030p   How To Make It In America (HBO)

8p         Terra Nova (FOX) 
830p     Monday Night Football: Chargers vs Chiefs (ESPN)
             2 Broke GIrls (CBS)  (Jenny's Pick)
9p         House (FOX)  (Ronnie's Pick)
             Bored To Death (HBO)   
             Mark Twain Prize (PBS)  (JD's Pick)
10p       Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) 
             Rock Center (NBC) {pilot}  (Jon's PIck)

7p         Friend Zone (MTV)  (JD's Pick)
8p         Unguarded (ESPN)  
9p         New Girl (FOX)   (Jenny's & Steve's Pick)
930p     Raising Hope (FOX)  (Jon's Pick)
10p       Sons of Anarchy (FX)  (Ronnie's Pick)
             Unforgettable (CBS) 
             Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan (G4)  

8p        Survivor (CBS)
            The X Factor (FOX)  (Jenny's Pick)
830p    Suburgatory (ABC)  
9p        Modern Family (ABC)   (JD's & Jon's Pick)
            Inside The NFL (SHO)
            Criminal Minds (CBS)  (Ronnie's Pick)
10p      Revenge (ABC)
            American Horror Story (FX)
            South Park (COM)  (Steve's Pick)
            Whitechapel (BBCA)  
            Top Chef (BRAVO) {9th season premiere}

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