Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oscars 2011 - Best Picture

My wife and I have seen 8 of the 10 films nominated for this year's Best Picture. This is some kind of record for us as we don't have that many movie nights, so I guess we chose wisely this past year.

We haven't seen Winter's Bone or 127 Hours, but neither will win so I'm not that concerned.  Let's go down the list of nominees and determine what flick will take home this year's most coveted Oscar.

8. The Kids Are All Right - I didn't see it, but my wife did. She tells me it's well acted but kind of boring. Not Best Picture material, but Benning will give Portman a run for her money. And she'll lose too.

7.  Toy Story 3 - Nice movie, but the weakest of the three Toy Story pictures. Beauty and the Beast is the only Disney movie that ever had a chance at the Best Picture Oscar, and it lost. Sorry, Woody & Buzz.

6.  Inception - The academy does not like Christopher Nolan. This film doesn't have a chance. Too bad Tom Hardy's performance continues to get overlooked as much as Nolan's directing does.

5.  The Fighter - Good flick with top notch acting. The Town was just as good of a film and should have been nominated. Bale will win. Leo should win. The movie won't.

4.  Black Swan - Aranofsky did an incredible job making ballet interesting. Natalie Portman deserves the Oscar for Best Actress.  Mila Kunis was hot and Barbara Hershey's face was terrifying. A bit too dark and artsy for Best Picture though.

3.  True Grit - The Coens will not win for this Western remake in spite of its recent buzz. Hailee Steinfeld picked the wrong year to have a great performance for Supporting Actress. I'll see any Coen brothers movie though. They are that good.

2.  The Social Network - Great writing and very well acted. Fincher will probably win for direction in spite of having no need for one actor to play those twins. It's a slice of tech life that we'll look back and laugh at down the road. Of course, Zuckerberg will probably own the road we're laughing on.

1.  The King's Speech - Excellent acting, compelling historical significance, British, and a feel good theme.  In other words, this year's Best Picture.


  1. I don't think it's very classy the way Howard just disposed to Mike Walker without even a thank you. The guy has contributed to Howard's show every week for 15 years. I know Howard has decided to just phone it in for 5 years, and this is nothing more than a money grab, but he can still acknowledge Mike Walker's contribution.

  2. Hien kampf Really,your kidding me right. Howard's gonna tear you a new one for that. Might as well continue with las Brennan which translates to get the fire up,as in the ovens full of people! When did you think that would be funny,please explain.

  3. I agree with the comment above. Really poor form for Howard to dis Mike Walker. I can dig if changes to the show are necessary, but there's a right way and wrong way to handle a situation. Howard would be all over Leno if he treated someone as crappy as Howard is treating Mike Walker. If the guy was so worthless, why did you waste our time the past 15 years. If not, then you should give the guy a proper send off.

  4. How come the academy doesn't like Nolan? He's too much of a do-it-his-own-way kind of guy? I do recommend Winter's Bone by the way.