Monday, March 29, 2021

TV Picks - Week of March 29

This Thursday night, it’s time for Law & Order: Organized Crime. That's right, another spinoff from the drama that first premiered in 1990. That’s one heck of a shelf life, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We just keep coming back for more helpings of this Law & Order comfort food. The "ripped from the headlines" mantra generates ratings, and that's what the game is all about. "True crime" documentaries haven't gotten in the way at all as some prefer good looking actors to the real thing.

NBC is pulling out all the stops by reuniting their top team... at least for one night. Organized Crime isn't about a new hot city or reuniting some minor characters. This is a biggie — Christopher Meloni is returning to the franchise.

It’s been a decade since Meloni left amid a contract dispute. The hot-headed detective was a Special Victims Unit staple and a big loss. Now Detective Stabler returns to the NYPD with a series all his own. Sure he's an all-too familiar character in a brand new landscape, but will his ways work in today's police environment?

Naturally, there's no better way to kick things off with a SVU crossover episode featuring, you guessed it, captain Olivia Benson (the character Taylor Swift named her cat after). This is a reunion all L&O fans are excited about. Stabler resigned from the sex crimes unit and Benson was completely devastated. They won't be together every week, but something tells me this won't be the only time they meet on the job.

Don't even question if the ratings will be there — they will. NBC is giving the audience exactly what it wants. The spinoffs will keep coming if the viewers keep on tuning in. Sadly, there are way too many stories to rip from the headlines these days.

Thursday at 9, Stabler returns to make things right with Benson. At 10, he's back with the NYPD going after organized crime. Plenty of comfort food to go around.

(Shows Premiering That I'm Not A Fan Of But You Might Be!)

Pooch Perfect (ABC) - Rebel Wilson hosts a dog grooming competition — yup. Premieres Tuesday.

Supergirl (CW) - How did we get to Season 6 already? Airs Tuesday.

SAG Awards (TBS/TNT) - Awards shows have not been getting the ratings, and this one will likely keep that streak alive. Sunday.

(For the sports aficionado or compulsive gambler)

NCAA Basketball Elite 8 & Final 4 (CBS, TBS) - The Final Four will be determined on Monday and Tuesday, and the national semifinals take place on Saturday night.

Sunday Night Baseball (ESPN) - Spring is officially here when baseball is back. It's the Chicago White Sox vs. the Los Angeles Angels at 8:30 PM ET, and it counts!

Cristin Milioti attempts to exit a bad romance, a serial killer on the Hippie Trail, and a new Hulu doc tackles WeWork.

Made For Love (HBO MAX)
Thursday, April 1st

This one takes getting out of a bad marriage to a new level. After ten years of being wed to a suffocating tech billionaire, Cristin Milioti is on the run. The only problem is the monitoring device he had implanted in her brain to monitor her emotional levels. This is one bad romance.

Cristin Milioti has become one of my favorite actresses. Her strength and vulnerability was on full display in memorable roles in Palm Springs, Modern Love, Black Mirror and Fargo, making her must-see TV for me.

Made For Love kicks off in the thick of things and features flashbacks showing how the couple arrived at this moment. This storytelling device has become commonplace, and putting the pieces together can be a distraction. Sometimes a linear story is best.

The Serpent (NETFLIX)
Friday, April 2nd

If you traveled down the Hippie Trail in Southeast Asia during the 1970's, you did not want to run into Charles Sobhraj. The serial killer preyed upon tourists and beatniks and often got caught. He would drug guards and fake illness to escape his sentences earning his nickname "The Serpent."

This crazy story is a true one, and that's the most frightening aspect of this eight-parter on Netflix. Sobhraj's problems start in the late 1950s and increase in severity and tragedy as time goes on. Keep reminding yourself that this is non-fiction that you're watching. 

WeWork Or The Making And Breaking Of A $47 Billion Unicorn (HULU)
Friday, April 2nd

I can't remember my first meeting at a WeWork facility. Self-employed contractors needed a place to meet, and the modern look and comfy furniture were a nice touch. I had no idea leasing an office could potentially be so lucrative.

The idea of a capitalistic kibbutz led by a super charming CEO quickly became a tech darling. WeWork transformed simple office space rentals into an inspirational cult-like place to work. A very big foreign check started the engine that could... until it couldn't.

This Hulu documentary chronicles the rise and demise of WeWork, and (spoiler alert) it wasn't COVID that did it in.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

TV Picks - Week of March 22

Who doesn't love a good documentary about a music superstar? This week sees two new profiles of two generational pop stars who climbed to the top of the mountain in their own unique ways.

Stardom at a young age. Millions of adoring fans. Dealing with their own personal demons.

One is 28 years old and from Albuquerque. The other is 81 years old and from Nutbush.

The four-part docuseries Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil premieres this Tuesday on YouTube. The pop sensation recalls her relapse and overdose in such a direct manner you feel like you're in rehab with her.

Over the years plenty of pop stars have put out documentaries giving fans unprecedented access into their private lives. But they never seem too vulnerable or out of control, which is to say you always know they had final cut. Demi Lovato takes things to a new level describing how she danced with the devil.

Lovato tackles her demons head on in a refreshingly honest way. Sexual assault, family issues, self-harm, and failing to stay sober are covered with unflinching clarity. Her first trip to rehab was as an 18 year old who had already amassed a lifetime of secrets. Mix in a Disney star background with her pop hits and you've got some must-see TV.

Lovato still has her entire career in front of her and she knows it's going to be a bumpy road. Tina Turner is looking back at a life that was anything but nice and easy.

Turner says, "look what I've done in a lifetime with this body." The HBO doc Tina premieres this Saturday at 8pm and chronicles her journey from the cotton fields to super stardom.

Tina Turner is one of the most exciting live performers to ever grace this planet. Mick Jagger stole her dance moves. She is a ball of energy whose spirit is infectious. And she had every reason in the world not to become that person.

The 1993 film What's Love Got To Do With It details Turners' rise from Nutbush and her struggles with her husband Ike. She dealt with a much different form of abuse than Lovato, and then had to go on stage and perform with the devil himself. Ike and Tina Turner are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their live performances which are best described as "intense".

Tina dealt with Ike and disappeared for a bit in the late 70's, but came back with a vengeance in the 80's. She always maintained that voice and those moves, and the world applauded her Private Dancer success. This is another profile of a female artist who had to battle so much to achieve her success. These props are long overdue.

This doc features Angela Bassett, who played Turner in her biopic, Oprah Winfrey, and countless others who tell her story and pay their respects. It's directed by Oscar and Emmy winners Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin. HBO hit it out of the park with the Bee Gees documentary, and this one is right up there with that.

The film coincides with Turner's solo Rock Hall nomination which would put her in the Cleveland shrine without Ike. She's simply the best.

(Shows Premiering That I'm Not A Fan Of But You Might Be!)

Seaspiracy (NETFLIX) - A documentary on the environmental impact of seafood. Drops Wednesday. 

John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise (PEACOCK) - A docuseries on one of the more notable serial killers of our day. Drops Thursday

Cocktails & Tall Tales with Ina Garten & Melissa McCarthy (DISCOVERY +) - The Barefoot Contessa chats with the always hilarious actress. Drops  Friday.

(For the sports aficionado or compulsive gambler)

NCAA Basketball Tournament (CBS, TNT, TBS, TRU TV) - Round two of the Madness ends on Monday night, then the Sweet 16 keeps you busy all weekend.

The Day Sports Stood Still (HBO) - Antoine Fuqua chronicles the moment COVID arrived in many star athletes' lives this documentary airing Wednesday night.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (DISNEY +) - We know the formula, but this time it's Lauren Graham standing up for the not so popular kids and she enlists Emilio Estevez back to the ice. Long live Coach Bombay! Premieres Friday.

This week features parental stress, an animated superhero's son struggles, and a return to racist Boston...

Breeders (FX)
Monday, March 22nd 10pm Season 2 premiere

Everyone wants kids, and then you have to raise them. And as your frustration boils over you wonder why no one ever created a show chronicling these wonderful challenging times.

Breeders was born out of Martin Freeman's parental hell. We love our kids, but there are many moments when they drive us insane. The first season of this FX dark comedy went to places you'd never thought you'd go as a parent.

Overwhelmed parental anxiety continues in the second season. You want to give your kids the freedom to make mistakes as you struggle to protect them at all costs. And let's not forget the grandparents who chime in with their two cents and lessons to be learned. If you've had kids, you've lived this show. If not, you can just laugh at all of us fools.

Invincible (AMAZON)
Friday, March 26th

Father son relationships are tough, but when dad is the world's most powerful super hero, it's all the more difficult to follow in his footsteps.

Robert Kirkman had some success with his first program involving zombies on AMC who are still walking around. This 8-episode animated show is based on another Kirkman comic, but this one is all about superheroes.

Walking Dead alum Steven Yuen voices lead character Mark Grayson, the teenage son of the world's most powerful super hero voiced by JK Simmons. The star-studded cast also features Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, Mark Hamill and Mahershala Ali. It's a tale worth checking out.

City On A Hill (SHOWTIME)
Sunday, March 28th 10pm Season 2 Premiere

Kevin Bacon returns to Boston for a second season. This time, it's Roxbury that's understandably distrustful of local law enforcement. Tensions run hot in the 90's, and sadly it reminds us how times really haven't changed all that much.

A coalition leader for a federal housing project gets undermined by some local gang activity. Kevin Bacon's FBI agent looks to exploit Boston's horrendous criminal justice system. An assistant district attorney catches on and it's war between the US and local attorneys.

Bacon gets things done in the most corrupt way possible and makes no apologies for his actions. He's an anti-hero in a blatantly racist world on a show that's all about fighting the system. It's awkward watching this one, and it should feel that way.

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Monday, March 15, 2021

TV Picks - Week of March 15

The inevitable Netflix documentary about the 2019 college admissions scandal involving actors, masters of the universe, admissions counselors and Photoshop has arrived. Everyone will want to dig in to Operation Varsity Blues.

There's a distinct formula for most docs these days. An outlandish story involving privilege and deceit ripped from the headlines that features lots of talking heads, reflections from involved parties, archived footage, and last but not least, reenactments to fill in the blanks.

Chris Smith, who directed the Netflix Fyre Festival doc, handles Operation Varsity Blues in a unique way. There's plenty of news footage from the scandal and the prerequisite talking heads, but the reenactments do not consist of shadows or no-name actors.

Matthew Modine stars as Rick Singer, the mastermind behind the admissions scandal, and his dialogue is entirely based on FBI wiretaps. You might recognize some of the other actors in the reenactments, but let's face it, this story tells itself.

Modine is very good reciting his Feds dialogue as are the actors portraying the parents who pay to walk through "side doors" to get their kids into high profile colleges. I respect trying something different to bring those Bureau conversations to life, but it's simply not necessary when you consider the subject matter.

The interviews with former Stanford sailing coach John Vandemoer are jarring because the actual person (not an actor playing him) is explaining his interactions with Rick Singer. The coach's recollections coupled with actual footage of Singer, Olivia Jade, and the other parties involved in the scandal overshadows any reenactment.

I know a thing or two about the college admissions process. The last job I held before joining The Howard Stern Show was Vice President of Marketing at The Princeton Review. We helped students raise test scores by teaching them to understand the nature of the test. The only thing the SAT (or any so-called aptitude test) measures is how well you take that exam on that day.

My former employer, and other test prep services, do not come off well in this doc as they've long been a tool for those who can afford them. The real problem is the SAT and standardized testing itself which should have been abolished a long time ago. Test preparation companies provide an advantage, but it's nothing compared to what Rick Singer was up to.

Talking heads in this doc point out how the admissions crunch is really about the parents. They couldn't get into Stanford or Yale, but their financial success enables them to use Singer to get their child into the college of the parents' dreams. The prestige of "name" colleges and its perceived value in today's society are also rightfully called into question.

The crafty and despicable Singer details three ways to get into the college of your choice. The front door is merit-based, the back door is a multi-million dollar donation, and the side door is his way in. The willingness of parents to walk their kids through that side door gives new meaning to doing anything you can for your children.

Operation Varsity Blues provides an education in taking advantage of the tremendous pressure high school kids are put under by their parents. Cyndi Lauper sang it best… "money changes everything."

(Shows Premiering That I'm Not A Fan Of But You Might Be!)

Waffles and Mochi (NETFLIX) - Michelle Obama, two puppets and a score of celebs teach us all how to eat better. Yes, I'm serious. The ten-episode series drops Tuesday.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!) - The final season premieres Thursday, don't let the door hit you…

Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump (E!) - The first season premieres Thursday, don't let the door hit you…

Country Comfort (NETFLIX) - Katherine McPhee is an aspiring country singer and… you can fill in the blanks. The complete first season drops Friday.

Q: Into The Storm (HBO) - This QAnon profile is the perfect depressing follow up to Allen vs Farrow Sundays at 9.

This week features two actors at home, phone calls, the next Marvel series and the queen of soul…

Staged (HULU)
Tuesday, March 16th Season 2 premiere

David Tennant and Michael Sheen return in arguably the most compelling programming created during the pandemic.

In the six-episode first season, Tennant and Sheen play fictionalized versions of themselves bickering as they try to rehearse for a play via videoconference. The saga of the furloughed actors is reminiscent of Larry David in Curb - how much of the real guys are we seeing here?

Back for an eight-episode second season, the "real" Tennant and Sheen find the first Staged season was a big success and is being brought to America, but they have not been asked to reprise their roles. A litany of well-known actors pop in for season two as you question once again who is acting or really being themselves.

Calls (APPLE TV+)
Friday, March 19th

Yet another adaptation with a big name cast for Apple's streaming service, but this premise is truly a unique one.

Based on a French TV series, this compilation of short stories has no visual element. It's voices and subtitles...that's it. After figuring out which actor is playing the part, there are some scary stories to listen to and imagine the worst in your mind.

I'm all for shaking things up on TV, but having no visual component lends itself to a different medium. I make my living on the radio, and these would be really interesting to hear on the air. On my TV screen, well, I'm just going to have to see what I'm missing.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (DISNEY+)
Friday, March 19th

Bucky and Sam step out of Steve Rogers' shadow to take the lead in the newest TV chapter in the Marvel universe. Time for them to grab the shield.

The success of Wandavision raised the bar for this twosome. The mind of the Scarlet Witch was not what people expected as it generated tons of buzz during the pandemic.

This six-episode series shapes up to be more traditional in the Marvel sense and picks up right after Avengers: Endgame. Expectations have been set, but bank on the creators shake things up a bit in phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Genius: Aretha (NAT GEO)
Sunday, March 21st

The first genius was Einstein. Next was Picasso. Now it's Aretha Franklin's turn

Cynthia Erivo steps up as the queen of soul. The long anticipated eight-parter chronicles Aretha's career and influence on culture around the world. The award-winning actress will perform many of the songs, and her singing can make or break the latest chapter in the Genius series.

We all know the tunes, but this is a good reminder of how Aretha affected civil rights and other causes during her storied career. Not only was she arguably the greatest singer of all time, but without knowing how to read music this gospel prodigy taught herself how to play the piano.

Nat Geo will air two episodes nightly for four consecutive nights, with each episode available to watch on Hulu the next day.


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Monday, March 8, 2021

TV Picks - Week of March 8

COVID can stop anything...except an awards show. 'Tis the season.

As the Golden Globes proved only a short time ago, it's difficult for even the most talented hosts to pull off an entertaining three hour show celebrating the finest in the industry. Ratings are low for a reason. 

Where did this awards show obsession come from, and why did viewers stop caring? It wasn't was accessibility. Back in the day when the Oscars got numbers that rivaled the Super Bowl, that viewing experience was a unique one. The red carpet provided the only access to the biggest movie stars. They were not "just like us." And it worked. 

These days, a quick internet search provides photos and the latest dirt on your favorite entertainment celeb. With so many ways to become famous, it's difficult to stand out from amongst the crowd.  And it's not all that special anymore. Awards shows fight an uphill battle when you can jump on Tik Tok to be entertained. 

This weekend's awards shows have actually managed to change with the times - The Grammys and The Kids Choice Awards. Ratings might not show it, but these extravaganzas have never been about who wins or loses. They're all about entertainment, the reason that we watch TV in the first place. 

Nickelodeon saw an opening 34 years ago and ripped a page out of the MTV (remember that network?) playbook. Create an awards show for the kids demographic and advertisers will jump right in. Not only that, any celeb in TV, movies and music that yearns for this audience will show up too. Win-win-win. 

Childhood Nick star Kenan Thompson hosts KCA 2021 which will still have the slime and meaningless trophies for those hyping their latest projects. The vibe will be light, kids will scream, and a surprise A-lister will show up (probably for their own kids who are Nick fans) to be slimed. It's always about the spectacle and never about the blimps.

When it comes to the EGOTs, The Grammys were first to recognize its format desperately needed to change. A host's monologue was followed by tons of gramophone presentations for all genres of music with some performances scattered in. If you waited a couple hours, maybe you saw your favorite band perform a hit. That had to go.

Trevor Noah hosts the 63rd annual presentation which shifted back from January to March. With all due respect to Trevor, it doesn't matter who the host is. The Grammys have transformed into a 3 hour concert featuring all types of acts. You can thank Dick Clark and his American Music Awards for the programming nudge. That meaningless awards show emphasized the value of a big star performing rather than making an acceptance speech. 

The Grammys learned that lesson. If you're not up on today's music, there's a tribute to a legendary artist. New musicians team with old ones. Eventually Trevor and some music stars will get to the awards, but they really don't matter. It's all about the it should be. 

Awards shows simply need to keep in mind that most of us read about who wins the next day. We are stuck at home courtesy of COVID, so please...entertain us!

(Shows Premiering That I'm Not A Fan Of But You Might Be!)

The Masked Singer (FOX) - One of the stupidest premises I've ever heard premieres its 5th season on Wednesday. Who's the dummy now?

Stay Out Of The Fucking Attic (SHUDDER) - Now that's a title. Thursday night.

Genera+ion (HBO MAX) - Euphoria worked, so let's follow some high school students experimenting with everything on Thursday. Note the hip plus sign in the title.

This week features a German houseboat, junior college basketball, and a big bracket...

The Houseboat (NETFLIX)
Tuesday, March 9th 

If it's German and has "boat" in the title, I'm there. 

Country singer Gunter Gabriel, considered to be the German Johnny Cash, lived on his houseboat Magdeburg for 20 years before his death. Two musicians and friends buy the boat and spend two tough years restoring it to its past glory.

Building a concert space and place of retreat on the water is no small task. Das Hausboot is a four episode renovation project that proves to be transformative in ways you'd never expect. 

Last Chance U - Basketball (NETFLIX) 
Wednesday, March 10th

The Emmy winning Last Chance U told the story of junior college football. The Emmy winning Cheer told the story of competitive college cheerleading. Next stop - Last Chance U: Basketball.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The East Los Angeles College Huskies quest for a state championship is profiled in typical Last Chance fashion. The team consists of Division 1 recruits who have one final shot at redemption to fulfill their dreams of getting to the NBA.

I've raved about the previous Last Chance series, and this take on JuCo basketball follows the same winning formula. You feel for the players as they battle circumstances on and off the court. Head coach John Mosley seeks that elusive title and has to overcome some unique obstacles to get there. 

NCAA Selection Show (CBS)
Sunday, March 14th 6pm

It's simple – a list of 68 colleges that have been chosen to participate in this year's college basketball national championship tournament. 

Any college hoops fan wants to know if their school got in and the college they'll be playing against. CBS takes full advantage of that desire and takes something that should last for 5 minutes and bloats it into an hour. 

It's always fun to watch a college team stand up and cheer when their name is inevitably called. The attempt to stretch the filling of a bracket to sixty minutes is an exercise in television production. Let's dance!


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Monday, March 1, 2021

TV Picks - Week of March 1

Paramount+ arrives this Thursday. 

You know, the giant mountain climbed by all those characters from CBS, Viacom networks and Paramount during the Super Bowl. It is the first major streaming network rebranding since HBO Max, but Paramount opted for the plus sign instead (another Apple innovation Disney also chose to follow).

Paramount+ is not a great name, but it's better than its predecessor CBS All Access which no one ever understood. It's a much better name than Peacock, which still reeks of "marketing genius" and zero practicality. This one was in the cards when Spike got rebranded as The Paramount Network. Everything is in a name - just ask Netflix. 

But what exactly is Paramount+? When CBS and Paramount merged in 2019, it made sense to gather their properties under one roof. A major network, plenty of cable channels, and the Paramount film library is a worthy depository of content. After watching the confusing launch of HBO Max, Paramount had time to do this the right way.

CBS All Access had potential but a ridiculous price point for what it offered. If you are a Star Trek fan, it's bliss. It featured The Good Wife follow-up The Good Fight which stands on its own as a provocative watch. But everything else was CBS reruns, a few originals, and it felt pretty underwhelming. 

If you currently have CBS All Access, all you have to do is go to Paramount+ with your existing login. That's it. Your account automatically transfers. Lesson learned from the HBO Go Now Max disaster. 

If you're new to the service, there are separate plans a la Hulu for limited commercial or ad-free viewing (ad-free includes download capability). If you sign up annually versus monthly, you'll save a few bucks. The code PARAMOUNTPLUS gets you 50% off for a full year which is the way to go.

Here are some Paramount+ pluses. All the CBS shows in one place plus Star Trek originals, The Good Fight and Chappelle's Show. A deep dive into old CBS programs is on the table as well. On the movie side, new releases will be offered shortly after theatrical release as will old school franchises like Star Trek and James Bond. They promise live sports like the NFL and plenty of soccer.

This one is all about taste. If you have an affinity for any of the titles above and are excited about the next Mission Impossible film, Paramount+ could be for you. Any streaming service is worth a shot during its first year at a price point where they're giving it away. Break out your climbing gear and give Paramount+ a shot. Worst case, you just jump off the mountain into a sea of other streamers. 

(Shows Premiering That I'm Not A Fan Of But You Might Be!)

The Voice - Season 20 features Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas in the twirly chairs. 

VICE - Season 8 of this gritty news magazine premieres on Showtime this Sunday. The news is too depressing for me to watch. 

This week features a return to McDowell's, and awards show that I'm part of, and royalty from both sides of the pond...

Coming 2 America (AMAZON)
Friday, March 5

I'm never going to complain about seeing Eddie Murphy on screen trying to make us laugh again. The timing of this sequel isn't the greatest, but seeing royalty from Zamunda on American shores is never a bad thing. 

Expectations are high for this sequel as Eddie has been very selective about appearing in anything for a long time. Most of the original cast is back, older and wiser. Eddie and Arsenio Hall held off doing a sequel for a very long time because the original is so beloved. 

This was supposed to be a Christmas theater release, but COVID took care of that. Amazon paid a pretty penny to stream this one, and laughing at home will not have the same effect as being in a packed movie theater. The best result would be having this sequel lead to Eddie returning to stand up once again.

Critic's Choice Awards (The CW) 
Sunday, March 7  7pm

Full disclosure - I am part of the Critic's Choice Awards. I belong to one of the associations that votes on the best stuff out there when it comes to TV and movies. 

This used to be a private affair where geeky critics like myself choose the best quality entertainment removed from all the hype. Times have changed. The awards ceremony is now live in primetime with host Taye Diggs revealing our results. 

This sounds very familiar to the Golden Globes process, but there are key differences. Take a look at the nominations from both organizations. Neither is flawless, but I'd argue we are more on the mark for award-winning shows and movies than the Globes or any other organization that hands out awards. If you're looking for Oscar or Emmy contenders, this is the show to watch.

Oprah with Meghan and Harry (CBS)
Sunday, March 7 8pm

Oprah Winfrey will sit down with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for a "wide-ranging" 90 minute primetime interview. Of course she will. The special starts with Oprah chatting with the Duchess of Sussex about becoming a royal, and then Harry joins to chat about moving to the United States. 

This will air on CBS. Doesn't Oprah have her own network? She is doing stuff for OWN, AppleTV+ and now CBS. Her show ended years ago, but she is still everywhere speaking to everybody about everything. 

This will be a contrast in royalty. Harry and Meghan wanted no part of the royal family and lead independent lives here. The royal couple is entering the entertainment world. Oprah has been an entertainment queen for decades who never required a crown. Perhaps Harry and Meghan will bestow a title upon her before this chat concludes. 


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