Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's Worth Watching Notes - June 23, 2011

What's Worth Watching show #3 will replay this Sunday at 7am on Howard 101.

- This Is The Week That Was: Game of Thrones, The Voice, The Killing, Falling Skies, Wipeout
- Game of Thrones creators David Benioff & DB Weiss
- Chris Noth from The Good Wife
- Who Is The Best (and Worst) TV Dad?
- What's Worth Watching June 23-29

David Benioff & DB (Dan) Weiss
- Called in from Belfast, not Dublin
- Wanted Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean before they even started casting
- HBO was on board with staying true to the books and killing major characters
- Revealed Sansa doesnt get as much hate as Joffrey (Jack Gleeson smokes a pipe off screen)
- Noted that Cersie is not softer than in the books and is just as diabolical
- Author George RR Martin intended the books to become HBO miniseries and not feature films
- Took credit for Drogo dropping the knives during the fight scene, but admitted Jason Momoa ad libbed tongue biting
- Extras from Ireland were ready to cross the Narrow Sea and fight after Drogo's speech

Chris Noth
- Shoots one day a week on The Good Wife and is proud of the show
- Cast in three series which film in New York City (Good Wife, Sex and the City, L & O)
- Glad to move away from the domestic stuff from season 1
- Revealed its going to get ugly in the courtroom in season 3
- Doesn't watch a lot of TV but loves Community
- Enjoyed Sex and the City and the perspective it brought out
- Misses the original Law & Order and feels it's become a cookie cutter show
- Favorite L&O female DA was Jill Hennessey
- Promoted diabetes awareness as two Type 1 diabetics listened along

Steve Brandano (
- Loved GoT creators referring to Littlefinger as Carcetti from The Wire
- Is a big fan of the protector of the Kaleesi Jorah Mormont
- Feels The Wonder Years Jack Arnold is a most memorable TV dad
- Doesn't think Tony Soprano was a very good uncle

Jenny Hutt (
- Doesn't think Mark Consuelos should replace Regis
- Wants GoT action figures, starting with the dragons
- Loves the bastard on GoT
- Realized her favorite TV dad is Pa from Little House on the Prairie
- Won't watch True Blood because of all the gore

Jon Hein (
- Was not a fan of The Killing finale
- Misses the Blackfish from the GoT books
- Gets excited during the GoT opening credits
- Got Chris Noth excited about The Wire
- Admitted to Chris Noth he's addicted to fast food (thank you caller)
- Eerily similar to favorite TV dad Phil Dunphy
- Won't watch True Blood if Tara is in the scene

What’s Worth Watching
June 23 - 29
***Many of our favorite “regular” shows are repeating through the summer (The Good Wife, Raising Hope, Modern Family, etc.) Summer is a good time to catch up if you missed this past season.
8pm – Wipeout (ABC)
9pm – Burn Notice (USA) s5 premiere
10pm – Wilfred (FX) pilot
1030pm – Louie (FX) s2 premiere
12a – Children’s Hospital (Adult Swim-Cartoon Network)
8pm – Friday Night Lights (NBC)
10pm – Real Time w/Bill Maher (HBO)

9pm – True Blood (HBO) s4 premiere, Leverage (TNT) s4 premiere, Celebrity Rehab (VH1) s5 premiere
10pm – Falling Skies (TNT), Treme (HBO), The Marriage Ref (NBC) s2 premiere
9pm – Switched At Birth (ABC FAMILY)
10pm – Weeds (SHO) s7  premiere
1030pm – The Big C (SHO) s2 premiere
9pm – The Voice (NBC), Memphis Beat (TNT)
10pm – Covert Affairs (USA)
8pm – The Voice (NBC) s1 finale
9pm – Franklin & Bash (TNT), Royal Pains s3 premiere
10pm – Men Of A Certain Age (TNT) 


  1. Sweet cheat sheet. Jon Hein 2012.

  2. Nice list for this week...
    Saturday is to watch all DVR/TiVo shows recorded over the week!

  3. Love the show. Can you get a cohost that doesn't step all over the guests?

  4. Jon,
    Do you have an email address for fans to contact you at?

  5. Jon - At one point during the show - I believe while you were talking to the Game of Thrones guys - you and Jenny mentioned a book you both loved. I can't remember the name - please help!

  6. @Anon x4: City of Thieves. It's a great book.