Friday, October 21, 2011

What's Worth Watching Notes - October 20, 2011

What's Worth Watching show #11 will replay Sunday at 7am Eastern on Howard 101.

- Jenny's TV News 
{Qaddafi, Sons of Anarchy shopping app, Kelsey Grammer show about his ex, The Walking Dead ratings}
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Community, Boardwalk Empire, Parks & Recreation, House, Modern Family, The Walking Dead}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- Interview with Modern Family co-creator/executive producer Steve Levitan
- What's Worth Watching: October 20 - October 26

Steve Levitan (
- Cognizant of inevitable backlash, but didn't feel it at the Emmys like Frasier did
- Wonder Years spec script gave him confidence to make it in the TV industry
- Missed comedies with heart which fell out of favor with Seinfeld success
- Learned most from Wings, his 1st show & Just Shoot Me, 1st show he created
- Good thing Back To You didn't work on FOX since it led to Modern Family
- Modern Family is special because so much comes from his own life
- Saw 1,400 people in casting the six Modern Family leads
- Almost didn't cast 8 month pregnant Julie Bowen and hid her pregnancy in the pilot
- Shot scenes in his backyard to convince the network to cast Ty Burrell
- Revealed the Dunphys are loosely based on Steve's own family
- Wanted to represent the gay people he knew: nerdy and not great dressers
- Sofia Vergara was a revelation who's gorgeous and kills at every table read
- Will deal with the kids growing up and hopes that reinvigorates the show
- Assured us that Dylan will always be sticking his head in now and then
- Decided to not have stunt casting of the week but will do it for the right idea
- Truly appreciates how enthusiastic fans are and does not take it for granted

Ronnie Mund (
- Couldn't go to sleep because of The Walking Dead
- Watched 10 minutes of Two And A Half Men on the treadmill
- Felt Gossip Girl was awesome this week
- Likened Gossip Girl obsession to watching Melrose Place
- Likes the guys on NCIS: LA but not NCIS

JD Harmeyer (
- Felt The Walking Dead premiere was too S-L-O-W
- Laughed at our field correspondent's TV critique
- Recommended How To Make It In America for topless scene
- Picked Bored To Death but hasn't seen it this season

Steve Brandano (

- Warned JD about his attitude towards The Walking Dead
- Didn't understand why Olivia Wilde's character was named 13 on House

Jenny Hutt (
- Will be shopping as she watches her favorite shows
- Feels The Walking Dead does well because people need the fantasy
- Told Steve Levitan how she recreated the sex scene where the kids barge in
- Is sticking with 2 Broke Girls and The X Factor

Jon Hein (
- Hopes Community isn't going to get too smart for its own good
- Explained the difference between network and cable comedies
- Bonded with Steve Levitan over their daughters Northwestern research
- Thought Back To You was on CBS (it was on FOX)
- Teased next week's in studio guest who has 8 kids of her own

What’s Worth Watching
October 20 – October 26

730p     World Series Game 2 (FOX)
8p        The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 
830p     Rules of Engagement (CBS) {6th season premiere}
9p         Person Of Interest (CBS)  (Jenny's Pick)
             Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) (Ronnie's Pick)
10p       It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)
             Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team (CMT) (JD's Pick)
1030p The League (FX) (Jon's Pick)

8p A Gifted Man (CBS)  (Jenny's Pick)
9p Supernatural (CW) 
           Pearl Jam 20 (PBS) (JD's and Steve's Pick)
10p Blue Bloods (CBS) (Ronnie's pick)
Boss (STARZ) {pilot}  (Jon's pick)
Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Strike Back (MAX) {1st season finale}
730p World Series Game 3 (FOX) 
11p That Metal Show (VH1 CLASSIC) {8th season finale}

7p 60 Minutes (CBS) 
8p World Series Game 4 (FOX) 
Sunday Night Football: Colts vs Saints (NBC)
Once Upon A Time (ABC) {pilot}
9p The Walking Dead (AMC) (Ronnie's Pick)
Boardwalk Empire (HBO) (Steve's Pick)
The Good Wife (CBS) 
Dexter (SHO) 
10p Homeland (SHO) (Jon & Jenny's Pick)
Hung (HBO)
1030p How To Make It In America (HBO) (JD's Pick)

8p  World Series Game 5 (FOX) (Jon's Pick)
           Gossip Girl (CW) (Ronnie's Pick)
830p Monday Night Football: Ravens vs Jaguars (ESPN)
           2 Broke GIrls (CBS) (Jenny's Pick)
9p       Bored To Death (HBO)  (JD's Pick)
10p Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) 

8p The Real Rocky (ESPN)  (Jon's Pick)
The X Factor (FOX)  (Jenny's Pick)
10p Sons of Anarchy (FX) (Ronnie's Pick)
Unforgettable (CBS)
          Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan (G4) (JD's Pick)

730p World Series Game 6 (FOX) if necessary
8p Survivor (CBS)
830p Suburgatory (ABC) (Jenny's Pick)
9p Modern Family (ABC) (Jon's Pick)
Inside The NFL (SHO)
          Criminal Minds (CBS) (Ronnie's Pick)
10p Revenge (ABC)
American Horror Story (FX)
South Park (COM)
         White Chapel (BBCA) (JD's Pick)


  1. I fucking hate this radio program! Jon needs a replacement for Jenny

  2. more ronnie and brandano, less JD and Jenny

  3. Enough with Ronnie!
    The rest of the show is great.
    John and Jenny do a great job.

  4. no repeat this sun? Ugh, set my alarm for nothing. Jenny's great.

  5. show is awesome, anything Jonny Hein touches, turns to gold. How about Once Upon a Time - seems like a Geektime! recommendation but nowhere to be found on WWW. Thoughts on Grimm?