Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fast Food Mania

Yes, it's true, I will be hosting a new TV show called Fast Food Mania on Destination America (formerly Planet Green). The show will premiere on Sunday, June 3 at 10pm and air weekly for 10 episodes.

The big announcement came on Wednesday via this article in USA Today.  

I've been out on the road at fast food places all over the country putting together a show I'm hoping you'll find to be entertaining. I'm certainly having a good time out there.

Since the announcement, there have been a ton of questions about the series and who and what exactly is involved.  So I drew up a quick FAQ right here.

Q.  What's the name of the series?
A.  Fast Food Mania

Q.  What date does it premiere?
A.  Sunday, June 3rd at 10pm Eastern

Q.  When will the show be on?
A.  Sunday nights at 10pm Eastern

Q.  What channel?
A.  Destination America (formerly Planet Green)

Q.  Do I get that channel?
A.  If you had Planet Green, you've got Destination America. It airs in 59 million homes.

Q.  Are you leaving the Stern show?
A.  God, no. Howard is my day job and first priority. I work on Fast Food Mania during vacation weeks and weekends.

Q.  What this show your idea?
A.  Nope. My agent sent me out on a cold audition and I got the part.

Q.  Why did you cut out Jason Kaplan?
A.  I didn't.  I auditioned. Jason didn't. I asked the producers about involving Jason once they decided to go with me, but they wanted just one host for this show. I would love to have Jason be a part of this and have told him so. 

Q.  Isn't this just a rip off of The Fast Food Show you and Jason host on SiriusXM?
A.  Not at all. First, that's a radio show with callers. Fast Food Mania is me visiting the most unique fast food places all over the country. The subject matter is the same, but the spin is different.

Q.  Will you stop doing The Fast Food Show with Jason?
A.  Absolutely not. We will be hosting our next show soon.

Q.  Is it awkward between you and Jason?
A.  Jason is jealous, but totally happy for me. I'd feel the same way if the circumstances were reversed.

Q.  Who chooses your wardrobe.
A.  Not me. That becomes evident immediately.

Q.  Is that your real hair?
A.  Most of it. I had a little help.

Q.  Will you be going to (FILL IN FAST FOOD PLACE HERE)?
A.  We are hitting the big chains and some popular local favorites. Thankfully, there's plenty to see.

Q.  Are you only covering plain fast food?
A.  No. I am trying to be more flexible as I visit these fast food places. I still prefer plain, but I'm willing to give everything a try.

If you have any other questions, tweet me at @jonmhein and I will answer and add them to this FAQ (if they are frequently asked).

In the meantime, I will tweet updates as I travel around this great land covering all the fast food places I can find. I hope you enjoy the show.



  1. Terrific, fun show. Just two comments:
    You had some kind of intervention for a young lady who couldn't figure out what to order at the take-out window. You held her lack of proper preparation against her and I suffer the same inadequacy. Maybe you can spend a moment at each of the restaurants that have a drive-thru showing the ridiculous scoreboard menu presentations that confront a new customer 15 seconds prior to when he or she has to respond to "May I help you". We don't all have your various degrees in this stuff. Did you ever notice that these joints have a take-out window but never have a take-out MENU? Maybe that would help us be prepared and avoid your scorn.
    If the number of burgers eaten annually laid end to end would be 1.8million miles long, the moon would have to be half as far away as it really is in order for that line to make 7 round trips. Is Sal your fact checker?

    Good Luck.

  2. Just watched your show about extreme burgers. You mentioned Fatburger is worldwide. Did you know that there is a Fatburger in Iraq? It is in Erbil, the capital of the northern Kurdish region. It is actually pretty safe to go there. Anthony Bourdain even did a show there. Would've been cool if you ate a Fatburger in Iraq. Good luck with the show.

  3. I loved your show, but it makes me upset that alot of these restaurants that you reviewed, are no longer open on Long Island. We used to have a KFC close to home, but it's now closed, with the exception of one, which is AW/KFC. It's a shame that KFC doesn't offer delivery I love that good ol southern fried food comfort. White Castle is gone, as it used to be near Home Depot. Another one of my favorites was Little Ceasers Pizzaria. "Pizza Pizza." You just gotta love that little Ceasars guy and his funny commericals, and I thought that the food was good too and at a good price. There used to be one in Big K-mart, but now that store is gone altogether and it's a big eye sore to see that boarded up empty store. Yeah, Target and Walmart took over, but the restaurants in those stores are just ok. But what really drives me nuts is that whenever I go to Mcdonalds, I would usually expect them to have shakes available to order. Nooooooo! Guess what, there's a Mcdonald's in a Walmart that doesn't sell shakes, as they didn't have room for the machine, not to mention that the Mcdonald's in our local mall's food court won't sell shakes at all. What's with that?!. I just want to know that when I have a craving for certain foods, you know where to get them and that the place is still open.
    Oh and another of my favorites is Nathan's. I love their melted cheese on their fries, and their burgers, along with a large fruit punch drink.