Thursday, July 12, 2012

Originals and Extreme Menu Items - Behind the Scenes

Hope you enjoyed last night's Fast Food Mania episodes "Originals" and "Extreme Menu Items". I'm waiting on the ratings, and my fingers are crossed.

Here are some behind the scenes photos I know you've been clamoring for...

Dunkin' Donuts

The original location of Dunkin' Donuts is in Quincy, Massachusetts. I did my research and pronounced Quincy (QUIN-ZEE) the right way. Loved sitting at the original counter and sampling the product.

Rob, our DP, and Meghan, our director, are fascinated by my dissection of a Dunkin' Donut. We spent a lot of time traveling and shooting together, and you'll never find two more talented people anywhere. Maybe in Seattle.
Truth be told, my favorite donut is the traditional glazed, but at Dunkin' Donuts, those vanilla creme donuts are just too good to pass up.

I am emphatic about the right way to eat a vanilla creme Dunkin' Donut.
We did a shot of me eating the vanilla creme donut with the creme facing in so it doesn't squirt out, but that didn't make the final cut.

KFC Test Kitchen

The test kitchen is tucked away somewhere outside Louisville, Kentucky, right near where they keep the Colonel's original recipe.

I definitely had a Wonka moment walking through this door.

I couldn't get the recipe, but I was able to check out the chicken and how the create all those KFC products. The hardest part about making a Double Down was resisting eating "the buns" which are two original recipe filets.

Holly was very patient with me, as was Rob who had to shoot me creating my very own Double Down.
And yes, this is the outfit that's on all the Fast Food Mania merch (posters, ads, etc.). I call it my KFC outfit, and it's hanging in my closet.

Diva moment sipping my Diet Coke inside the KFC test kitchen.

Elevation Burger 

We journeyed to Tyson's Corner, Virginia to find Elevation Burger, which has the ten patty Vertigo Burger on the menu. We didn't get to cover a lot of regional up-and-comers this season, but I'm glad I got to sample what Elevation has to offer.

Our director Meghan stands in awe of the cast-iron infrared Super Griddle. I have to get one of these at home.
The super griddle is an impressive piece of equipment. I love how you know exactly how long the burger will take to cook and can watch it in progress if you so desire. The shakes at Elevation are excellent as well.

Meghan tells Cord, our contact at Elevation Burger, and I exactly what to do behind the Super Griddle as Rob films over her shoulder. When Meghan speaks, you listen. Or you'll have to do it again anyway.
If we get a second season of Fast Food Mania, I want to focus on the national chains we didn't get to, and more of the regional chains that when you travel to a town - that's the place you MUST go to.

That's all for now. Let me know what you thought of this week's shows, and I'll see you next Wednesday at 10pm with two brand new Fast Food Mania episodes on Destination America.

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