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What's Worth Watching Notes - July 21, 2011

I apologize for getting these WWW notes up so late.  Comic Con knocked me out.


What's Worth Watching show #4 replayed Sunday at 7am on Howard 101.

- This Is The Week That Was: Wipeout, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, Damages
- Rose Byrne from Damages
- Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad
- Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad
- What's Worth Watching July 21- 27

Rose Byrne
- Does a great American accent as Ellen Parsons on Damages
- Huge TV fan who watches more TV than movies
- Agrees with Jon that the UK Office is better than the US version
- Loves doing comedy and working with Paul Feig on Bridesmaids
- Knew Glenn Close would get critical acclaim but didn't think everyone else would for Damages s1
- Enjoys the storytelling setups of each season of Damages
- Liked casting Ted Danson, Martin Short, Lily Tomlin and John Goodman against type
- Favorite horror movie is Nightmare on Elm Street and also likes Creepshow
- Looks as great in person as she does on film

Aaron Paul
- Thought he had no shot at winning the Emmy
- Feels Big Love slipped in season 4 but recovered in season 5
- Loves Harry Dean Stanton who had no idea who he or Amanda were on Big Love
- Couldn't believe AMC was doing a show like Breaking Bad until he saw Mad Men pilot
- Got used to shooting in Albuquerque and now loves it there
- Revealed Jesse was supposed to be killed off Breaking Bad in season 1
- Loves doing scenes with Bob Odenkirk (Saul) & Jonathan Banks (Mike) on Breaking Bad
- Killed Giancarlo Esposito on an episode of Ghost Whisperer
- Thinks Walter White is a good guy who made some bad choices
- Thinks Don Draper is a bad guy - period
- Feels Breaking Bad is a better show than the exceptional Mad Men
- Has a big brother/father relationship with Bryan Cranston who is hilarious
- Huge TV fan who watched Lost in its entirety three times and stalked Damon Lindelof
- Was in awe of Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson whom he beat out for the Emmy
- Wants Breaking Bad to continue as long as possible

Bryan Cranston
- Made sure AMC would fully support Breaking Bad before signing on; convinced by Mad Men pilot
- Gets tired of babysitting "the kid" Aaron Paul on the set
- Revealed Jesse was supposed to be killed off early in season 1
- Thinks BB is better than Mad Men, and expects Jon Hamm to believe the opposite
- Feels Walter White is both a good and bad guy, and Heisenberg was always inside him
- Said Walt chose to be a teacher because that can't be criticized
- Explained how Walt will transition into Heisenberg before the show ends
- Doesn't think Walt's cancer remission was the point of no return
- Suspects everyone, including a sweet old lady, has a little bit of Heisenberg in them
- Said every word from Breaking Bad is on the page and Vince Gilligan put it there
- Feels Hank is going to get closer to finding Walt out and sparks will fly

Steve Brandano (
- Loved Aaron Paul doing his ID as Jesse
- Wanted to stick up for Don Draper and is trying to book Jon Hamm for our show

Jenny Hutt (
- Thinks Breaking Bad is too violent to watch
- Digs Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm
- Keeps her dial on ABC Family

Jon Hein (
- Honored by Wipeout Jump the Shark shout out and wants to run the course
- Goes into radio silent lockdown mode whenever Breaking Bad comes on
- Got Bryan Cranston excited about The Wire
- Would hang out with Aaron Paul any day of the week
- Still fast forwarding True Blood if Tara is in the scene

What’s Worth Watching 
July 21 - 27 

***Many of our favorite “regular” shows are continue to repeat through the summer (The Good Wife, Raising Hope, Modern Family, etc.). Summer is a good time to catch up if you missed this past season.

8pm – Wipeout (ABC)
9pm – Burn Notice (USA)
10pm – Wilfred (FX)
1030pm – Louie (FX)
12a – Children’s Hospital (Adult Swim-Cartoon Network)

10pm – Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), Torchwood (STARZ)


9pm - True Blood (HBO), Leverage (TNT)
10pm - Breaking Bad (AMC), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO), Falling Skies (TNT)
1030pm - Entourage (HBO) s8 premiere

9pm – The Closer (TNT)
10pm – Alphas (SYFY), Weeds (SHO)
1030pm – The Big C (SHO)

9pm – White Collar (USA), Memphis Beat (TNT)
10pm – Covert Affairs (USA)

9pm – Franklin & Bash (TNT), Royal Pains (USA)
10pm – Damages (DTV)

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