Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's Worth Watching Notes - August 11, 2011

What's Worth Watching show #5 will replay Sunday at 7am on Howard 101.

- This Is The Week That Was: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, Switched At Birth, True Blood
- Chris Bauer from True Blood and The Wire
- Henry Winkler from Happy Days and author of I Never Met An Idiot On The River
- What's Worth Watching August 11 - 17

Chris Bauer
- Loves the character path of Andy Bellfleur on True Blood
- Understands why Jon fast forwards over the Tara parts
- Realizes why people have such strong feelings for True Blood characters
- Stopped caring about awards once The Wire was overlooked
- Felt racism definitely affected the acclaim and awards for The Wire
- Originally read for the part of McNulty on The Wire
- Grabbed smaller pants and different shoes to add age on to his audition for Frank Sobotka
- Fortunate to work with great writers like Alan Ball and David Simon
- Feels Baltimore is a more dangerous city than Bon Temps

Henry Winkler (
- Got to meet Jon for the second time this year and discuss Jump the Shark
- In disbelief that Jon actually read his book before the interview
- Is amazed by the success and acclaim for Jump the Shark
- Revealed Rock Around The Clock was nixed as Happy Days theme over costs
- Felt Happy Days was still a good show, and number one in the ratings, after the jump
- Agreed Fonzie becoming a teacher might have been a bit too much
- Was never a fan of Pinky Tuscadero, but really loved her sister Leather
- Got the part of Fonzie reading six lines and getting someone to sit down
- Is still very close with Ron Howard who is the best acting partner he has ever had
- Made sure Ron Howard was okay with Fonzie taking over the show
- Just tried to keep up with Robin Williams when he came on as Mork
- Was offered his own show as Fonzie, but chose to stay with Happy Days
- Got a phone call on set from Ron Howard telling him he was leaving the show
- Cannot ride a motorcycle to this day
- His father encouraged him to work his ability to water ski in to the show
- Never thought Chachi was brought in as a possible Fonzie replacement
- Has no problem discussing Happy Days or Jump The Shark for the past three decades

Steve Brandano (
- Proud Chris Bauer told him he looked like Ziggy from The Wire
- Wants to hang out with Chris Bauer and The Wire gang whenever they get together
- Will only watch Switched At Birth if the deaf girl starts selling meth

Jenny Hutt (
- Feels Switched At Birth is the best show on television
- Was upset Jon interviewed Henry Winkler on his own but understands why
- Doesn't like the mix of blood and sex on True Blood
- Was effected by the suicide of a character on Entourage

Jon Hein (
- Can't believe he got to meet Henry Winkler twice and is glad he locked his co-host out of the interview
- Loved Chris Bauer understanding how he feels about Tara and his love for The Wire
- Busy booking another cast member from The Wire for our next show
- Can't believe his co-host thinks Switched At Birth is better than Breaking Bad
- Identifies too much with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm
- Thrilled that the show went off without a hitch in Scott Salem's studio

What’s Worth Watching
August 11 - 17
***Many of our favorite “regular” shows are continue to repeat through the summer (The Good Wife, Raising Hope, Modern Family, etc.). Summer is a good time to catch up if you missed this past season.
8pm – Wipeout (ABC), NFL Preseason: Seattle vs San Diego (ESPN)
9pm – Burn Notice (USA)
10pm – Wilfred (FX)
1030pm – Louie (FX)
11pm - Louie (FX) special episode
12a – Children’s Hospital (Adult Swim-Cartoon Network)
8pm - NFL Preseason: Tampa Bay at Kansas City (FOX)
9pm - Karaoke Battle USA (ABC) premiere
10pm – Torchwood (STARZ)
9pm - Doctor Who: Best of the Doctor (BBCA)

8pm – Oprah: Behind The Scenes (OWN) series finale
9pm – True Blood (HBO), Leverage (TNT)
10pm – Breaking Bad (AMC), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
1030pm – Entourage (HBO)
8pm – NFL Preseason: New York Jets vs Houston (ESPN)
9pm – The Closer (TNT)
10pm – Alphas (SYFY), Weeds (SHO)
1030pm – The Big C (SHO)
9pm – Memphis Beat (TNT) s2 finale
9pm – Royal Pains (USA)
10pm – Damages (DTV), The Franchise (SHO), Rescue Me (FX)

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