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What's Worth Watching Notes - September 22, 2011

What's Worth Watching show #7 will replay Friday at 11am, Saturday at 4am and midnight on Howard 101.

- Primetime 7pm airing sponsored by NBC
- This Is The Week That Was: The Emmys, Dancing With The Stars, Raising Hope, The Biggest Loser, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, The X Factor, Two and a Half Men
- What's Worth Watching with Ronnie Mund
- Interview with Zooey Deschannel
- What's Worth Watching September 22 - 28

Zooey Deschannel (
- Never gets tired of being called cute
- Wrote the theme to New Girl and misses TV theme songs
- Explains why Daman Wayans Jr character needed to leave town
- Sings in New Girl, but it's not "real" singing
- Shares her love for Lord of the Rings with her character, but not everything else
- Says The Wire is her favorite drama, further endearing herself to Steve & Jon
- Tweets about other SiriusXM interviews she did but not this one

Ronnie Mund (
- Thinks Two and a Half Men isn't the same without Charlie Sheen
- Doesn't like sitcoms but named a bunch that he watches
- Loves Sons of Anarchy but doesn't want to wait 2 weeks to watch it
- Claims Stephanie is why he watches Glee, Grey's Anatomy & Gossip Girl
- Uses On Demand all the time but doesn't have a DVR
- Has not one but two VCRs and puts them to good use

Steve Brandano (
- Fell deeper in love with Zooey after she proclaimed her love for The Wire
- Coudn't add as much since we were in Studio 21 and he was in a separate room
- Has an endless amount of Whitney puns

Jenny Hutt (
- Learned that Zooey Deschannel is a singer
- Can't get over Ronnie's vast knowledge of TV
- Didn't bring any diabetically threatening snacks to the prime time show

JD Harmeyer (
- Is okay with cute girls being cute
- Watches reality TV for the job, not because he wants to
- Scared of the new Lily on Modern Family
- Doesn't appreciate humor at Notre Dame's expense
- Looks forward to Cops on Saturday nights

Jon Hein (
- Happy to get a 7pm slot and more than one repeat
- Didn't know when CSI: NY was on
- Prepares for the show listening to the theme from Game of Thrones
- Shocked by The X Factor lack of ratings success
- Would have Ronnie Mund on the show any time he'd like to come on

What’s Worth Watching September 22 - 28

8p        The Big Bang Theory (CBS) [5th season premiere]

             Charlie’s Angels (ABC) [pilot]
             Community (NBC) [3rd season premiere]
             X Factor (FOX) [time slot premiere]
830p    Parks & Recreation [4th season premiere]
9p         The Office (NBC) [8th season premiere]
             Person Of Interest (CBS) [pilot]
930p    Whitney (NBC) [pilot]
10p      Prime Suspect (NBC) [pilot]
             The Mentalist (CBS) [4th season premiere]
             It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)

8p         A Gifted Man (CBS) [pilot]

9p         Fringe (FOX) [4th season premiere]
             Supernatural (CW) [7th season premiere]
10p      Blue Bloods (CBS) [2nd season premiere]
             Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

1130p        Saturday Night Live (NBC) [37th season premiere]

7p        60 Minutes (CBS) [44th season premiere]

8p        Sunday Night Football: Steelers vs Colts (NBC)
            The Amazing Race (CBS) [19th season premiere]
            The Simpsons (FOX) [23rd season premiere]
9p        Boardwalk Empire (HBO) [2nd season premiere]
            The Good Wife (CBS) [3rd season premiere]
             Family Guy (FOX) [10th season premiere]
10p      Breaking Bad (AMC)
             Pan Am (ABC) [pilot]

8p            Gossip Girl (CW) [5th season premiere]

830p       Two Broke Girls (CBS) [time slot premiere]
9p            Hart of Dixie (CW)  [pilot]
                Two and a Half Men (CBS)
930p       Mike & Molly (CBS) [2nd season premiere]
10p          Alphas (SYFY) [1st season finale]
                Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
                Weeds (SHO) [7th season finale]
1030p     The Big C (SHO) [2nd season finale]

8p          Catching Hell (ESPN)

9p          New Girl (FOX)
930p      Raising Hope (FOX)
10p        Sons of Anarchy (FX)        
               Unforgettable (CBS)

8p          Survivor (CBS)        

830p      Suburgatory (ABC) [pilot]
9p          Modern Family (ABC)
               Inside The NFL (SHO)
930        Happy Endings (ABC) [2nd season premiere]
10p        Luther (BBCA) [2nd season premiere]

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