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What's Worth Watching Notes - January 19, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #18 will replay Friday at 4am Eastern on Howard 101.  We are THIS CLOSE to getting a better replay time. Really.

- Jenny's TV News 
{American Idol sagging ratings}
- Interview with Katrina Bowden
- Interview with Ben Schwartz
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Golden Globes, 30 Rock, American Idol, House of Lies, Alcatraz, Modern Family, Justified}
- What's Worth Watching: January 19 - January 25

Katrina Bowden (
- Came to Sirius without an entourage (according to Jenny)
- Stopped Jenny's TV News upon her arrival
- 30 Rock appearances depend upon availability; shot a movie this season
- Has a blast on set at 30 Rock always joking around
- Was 17 when she first started on 30 Rock; didn't know comedy at all
- Feels Tina Fey is a cool woman who gets away with saying anything
- Mentioned Tracy Morgan details his sexual antics on elevators
- Treated like everyone's little sister on the 30 Rock set
- Not much of 30 Rock is ad libbed and its funnier to stick to the script
- Vaguely remembers JD stalking her underneath 30 Rock
- Fights through tourists and has tunnel vision on the subway
- Gets a little crazy in the upcoming Nurse 3D with Paz de la Huerta
- Confirmed Paz de la Huerta is 10 times crazier than Tracy Morgan
- Never wants to do a movie with Paz de la Huerta ever again
- Wonders how Steve Buscemi makes it through Boardwalk Empire with Paz
- Felt it was cool when Jennifer Aniston guest starred - missed Steve Martin
- Feels upstaged by fellow 30 Rock actors but gets why and looks up to them
- Flattered that Jon thinks she's the best looking woman on TV right now
- Loves Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
- Drunk and high as Chris Klein's LA socialite girlfriend in American Reunion
- Had a great time doing her photo shoot for Maxim and loves being a ham
- People tell Katrina they love 30 Rock and then just walk away
- Gladly took pictures with Jon after the interview 

Ben Schwartz (
- Missed the masturbation discussion but heard Katrina's name and got it
- Waiting to find out if there's going to be more Jean Ralphio on Parks & Rec
- Feels Parks & Rec is the best comedy on TV and the chemistry is improving
- Most of Parks & Rec is right on the page
- During the Fun Runs the cast gets to mess around and improv
- Impressed with Jon's transition from discussing Parks & Rec to House of Lies
- Assured us that Don Cheadle doesn't get all the sex scenes
- Made a web series accompanying House of Lies which Jon found funny
- Started freelance writing jokes for Letterman and Weekend Update
- Impressed our research went beyond Wikipedia
- Thought he made it when landing a Mitch Hurwitz pilot with big time actors
- Felt JJ Abrams Undercovers would go on forever as well - wrong
- First Jean Ralphio bit for Parks & Rec was a simple paragraph 
- Originally auditioned to be Leslie Knope's boyfriend which went to Louis CK
- Loved talking 90's basketball with Detlef Schempf at Entertainment 720
- Texts Roy Hibbard every time he gets a double double
- In disbelief that Nick Offerman doesn't get nominated for an Emmy

Ronnie Mund (
- Wondered why it took Jon so long to speak to him on the phone
- Upset Katrina Bowden bumped his 140 Seconds segment
- Excited for the new season of Justified

JD Harmeyer (
- Apologized to Katrina for stalking her as he tried to make Jon look good
- Recommended Tuck and Dale versus Evil to impress Katrina
- Defended Kelsey Grammer's Golden Globe win
- Upset about good guy Rob Lowe's Peyton Manning tweet

Steve Brandano (
- Feels Katrina would be the hottest zombie ever
- Told JB Smoove he brings the ruckus on a daily basis

Jenny Hutt (
- Sported a tiara to draw attention away from Katrina
- Detailed Jon's theme song on Howard's show for Katrina
- Thought Angelina Jolie didn't look well at the Golden Globes
- Felt Alcatraz was getting too bloody for her

Jon Hein (
- Almost left his wife when Katrina said she's a Breaking Bad fan
- Pledged to get Katrina a zombie role on The Walking Dead
- Went from Ron Swanson to Lil Sebastian recapping Parks & Rec characters
- Feels George Clooney gets an automatic win at the Golden Globes
- Felt Ricky Gervais was neutered at the Golden Globes
- Is on board for Alcatraz because of Sam Neill
- Previewed Timothy Olyphant will join us on an upcoming show

What's Worth Watching
January 19 – January 25
8p        30 Rock (NBC)
            American Idol (FOX)
            The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
            Wipeout (ABC)
830p    Parks & Recreation (NBC)
9p        The Office (NBC)
            Person Of Interest (CBS) {Jenny's pick}
            Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
930p    Up All Night (NBC)
10p      Archer (FX)
            The Mentalist (CBS)
1030p  Unsupervised (FX) {pilot}

8p      Chuck (NBC)
          Shark Tank (ABC) {3rd Season Premiere}
9p      Fringe (FOX)
          Grimm (NBC)
930p  On Freddie Roach (HBO)  {JD's pick}
10p    Portlandia/Todd Margaret (IFC)
          Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

8p        Cops (FOX)
9p        Behind The Music: The Go-Gos (VH1 Classic)
10p      An Idiot Abroad (SCIENCE) {2nd Season Premiere}
            JB Smoove: That's How I Dooz It (COM) {Steve's pick}

6p       NFC Championship: Giants vs 49ers (FOX)
7p       60 Minutes (CBS)
8p       Once Upon A Time (ABC)
           Undercover Boss (CBS)
9p       Prime Suspect (NBC)
           Shameless (SHO)
           Downton Abbey (PBS)  {Jon's pick}
           Oprah's Next Chapter (OWN) w/George Lucas
10p     American Idol (FOX)
           House Of Lies (SHO)
           Oprah Master Class: Morgan Freeman (OWN)
           Prime Suspect (NBC) {series finale}

8p     House (FOX)
         Gossip Girl (CW)
9p     Being Human (SYFY)
         Alcatraz (FOX)
10p   Castle (ABC)
          Pawn Stars (HISTORY)

8p      The Biggest Loser (NBC)
          Switched At Birth (ABC FAMILY)
9p      State Of The Union (ALL)
10p    Justified (FX)  {Ronnie's pick}
          Southland (TNT)
          White Collar (USA)

8p       American Idol (FOX)
9p       Criminal Minds (CBS)
           Inside The NFL (SHO)
           Touch (FOX) {pilot}
10p     CSI (CBS)
           Hot In Cleveland (TV Land)
           Face Off (SYFY)
           Royal Pains (USA)

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