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What's Worth Watching Notes - January 26, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #19 will replay Friday at 4am Eastern AND Saturday at 7pm Eastern on Howard 101.  You asked for a better replay time...and now we have one!

- Jenny's TV News 
{Oscar nominations, Pat & Vanna drinking on Wheel of Fortune}
- Paul Feig calls in 
- This Is The Week That Was 
{AFC Championship, An Idiot Abroad, Being Human, Prime Suspect, Shark Tank, The Office, Touch}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- Interview with Lucy Lawless
- Interview with Emmy Rossum
- What's Worth Watching: January 26 - February 1

Paul Feig (
- Happy for Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Wiig/Annie Mumolo getting Oscar noms
- Doesn't get a ticket even though Bridesmaids was Oscar nominated
- Got 2 tickets when Bridesmaids got nominated for Golden Globes
- Credited our show getting him on camera at the Golden Globes
- Directing/EPing a show w/Darren Star on HBO starring Goldie Hawn
- Had an unpleasant day waiting to see if Bridesmaids was getting nominated
- Won't make a Bridesmaids sequel without getting the whole gang together
- Remains good friends w/ Jon Hamm although not directing Mad Men
- Is currently in love with Sherlock & Downton Abbey (watching w/Patton Oswalt)
- Feels Brits love irredeemable characters and Americans hate those types
- Thinks All in the Family would never work here these days
Lucy Lawless
- Oozed sensuality throughout her interview right from "Hi Boys"
- Feels Spartacus is totally worth watching and very rewarding
- Revealed her character turns out a winner after this season
- Difficult to keep up with the changes on the show including the main character
- Has to go home and drink after playing Lucretia
- Prefers to be with a fat guy rather than another woman since they feel weird
- Discovered the porn capital of New Zealand for sex scene extras
- Said bugger off to play Tigh's wife on Battlestar Galactica
- Feels Xena could have continued in the cable TV world of today
- Wasn't surprised by Xena success and figured that's just what happens on TV
- Killed the Xena film because she was so tired from performing the role
- Loves doing comedy but wants to makes us hurt so good on Spartacus
- Proclaims they are breaking the paradigm on Starz at 10pm
- Her mother in law says the show is like playing Lord and Master

Emmy Rossum (
- Pushing the despicablity factor on Shameless this season
- Declared necrophilia as the line for pushing things too far
- Doesn't care if she's called an actor, actress or songstress
- Grew up in NYC and has some grittiness which seeps into her character
- Had to fight for the role of Fiona since producers saw her as princessy
- Horrified to learn of her Mr. Skin nominations for Shameless
- Feels more exposed emotionally than physically on the show
- Doesn't want a Mr. Skin victory on her list of credits
- Learned the most from Joan Cusack and admires her family life
- Plays Monopoly with Joan, Bill Macy & Felicity Huffman in Chicago
- Recalled calm Clint Eastwood having a fun set on Mystic River
- UK version had her character married off season 1 which isn't happening here
- Understands the comparison to white/brown hair Anne Hathaway comparison
- Didn't know how Phantom of the Opera was translated to the big screen
- Has never seen the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera
- Watching a lot of cooking shows, Homeland and Modern Family
- Loved Full House and the whole TGIF lineup
- Shameless with have pregnancy, euthanasia, gun fights and weddings

Ronnie Mund (
- Disappointed that a lot of reruns have been on lately
- Thrilled they got their baby back on Grey's Anatomy
- Can't remember what happened on CSI after a drunken Friday night
- Complained FX In Demand doesn't run the show THAT week

JD Harmeyer (
- Declared it was raining hot chicks on our show
- Heartbroken over recent guest Katrina Bowden
- Commended the male nudity in Spartacus
- Knows Lucy Lawless wants it, though not necessarily from him
- Informed Emmy Rossum of her Mr. Skin competition
- Lamented the cancellation of Man Up! with Jon

Steve Brandano (
- Spotted The Wire's Bubbles, Sobotka & Judge Phelan on Prime Suspect
- Loved Lucy Lawless defining Money For Jam

Jenny Hutt (
- Loved that Paul Feig called her hot
- Can't stay with a show once she finds out it was cancelled
- Formed a girl crush on Emmy Rossum
- Bonded with Emmy over with At Home with the Neelys

Jon Hein (
- Happy Paul Feig won't make a half-assed Bridesmaids sequel
- Still loves the 7pm Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune block
- Wants to see Keifer Sutherland on FOX as Jack Bauer
- Wonders how Alcatraz will be able to keep the story going
- Convinced Lucy Lawless knows what playing Lord and Master is
- Thrilled to be called a lyrical butterfly by Emmy Rossum
- Did not like Broadway performance of Phantom of the Opera
- Explained how if you're not a hit out of the box, you're gone
- Teased Carla Gugino & Glenn Close will be coming to WWW

What’s Worth Watching
January 26 – February 1
8p        30 Rock (NBC)
            American Idol (FOX)
            The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
830p    Parks & Recreation (NBC)  {Steve's pick}
9p        30 Rock (NBC) {special time}
930p    Up All Night (NBC)
10p      Archer (FX)
11p      Inside Comedy: Jerry Seinfeld & Don Rickels {series premiere}

8p      Shark Tank (ABC)
9p      Fringe (FOX)
          Chuck (NBC) {series finale}
930p  On Freddie Roach (HBO)
10p    Portlandia/Todd Margaret (IFC)
          Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
          Spartacus: Vengeance {2nd season premiere}{Steve's pick}

8p     UFC on FOX (FOX)  {JD's pick}
9p     US Figure Skating Championships (NBC)  {Jenny's pick}
10p   An Idiot Abroad (SCIENCE)

7p       60 Minutes (CBS)
           Pro Bowl (NBC)
8p       Once Upon A Time (ABC)
           Screen Actors Guild Awards (TBS)
830p   Napoleon Dynamite (FOX)
9p       The Good Wife (CBS)
           Shameless (SHO)
           Downton Abbey (PBS)  {Jenny's pick}
           Luck (HBO) {series premiere} {Jon's pick}
           Oprah’s Next Chapter: Sean Penn in Haiti (OWN)
930p   The TRL Decade (VH1)
10p     House Of Lies (SHO)
           Oprah Master Class: Ted Turner(OWN)

8p     House (FOX)
         Gossip Girl (CW)
9p     Being Human (SYFY)
         Alcatraz (FOX)
10p   Pawn Star$ (HISTORY)

8p      The Biggest Loser (NBC)
          Switched At Birth (ABC FAMILY)
9p      New Girl (FOX)
930p  Raising Hope (FOX)
10p    Justified (FX)  {Jon's pick}
          Southland (TNT)
          White Collar (USA)

8p       American Idol (FOX)
           Super Bowl Greatest Commercials (CBS)
9p       Mobbed (FOX)
           Inside The NFL (SHO)
10p     Hot In Cleveland (TV Land)
           Face Off (SYFY)
           Royal Pains (USA)
           Oprah’s Next Chapter: Oprah in Haiti (OWN)
1130p Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) {JD's pick}

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