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What's Worth Watching Notes - February 2, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #20 will replay Friday at 4am Eastern AND Saturday at 7pm Eastern on Howard 101.  Two legendary actresses stuck talking to the four of us.

- Jenny's TV News 
{RIP Don Cornelius, HBO & Showtime renewals, X Factor changes, Katrina engaged}
- This Is The Week That Was 
{30 Rock, Chuck, SAG Awards, Luck, Late Show with David Letterman}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- Interview with Carla Gugino
- Interview with Glenn Close
- What's Worth Watching: February 2 - February 8

Carla Gugino
- Impressed that Jon got her last name right the first time
- Revealed her old Karen Sisco team got her on Justified for a short stint
- People still come up to Carla and rave about Karen Sisco
- Loves the high wire act of Broadway but also the intimacy of TV and film
- Was ten years too young to play her role on Spy Kids
- Got the Spy Kids job from a kid on a Christmas movie she did for the holidays
- Confused people over time with all the different film genres she's acted in
- Watched a brain surgeon do his work for her role on Chicago Hope and held on
- Asked to show up on the floor of a Lakers game to get her role on Entourage
- Acknowledged the possibility of an Entourage movie in the near future
- Thrilled to be on Broadway in Road to Mecca w/Jim Dale & Rosemary Harris
Glenn Close
- Was actually excited to be joining us on What's Worth Watching
- Feels like the first time she was nominated and it's really good
- Wants to show up at the Oscars with Janet McTeer in just spanx
- First created the role of Albert Nobbs on the stage 32 years ago
- Glad Jon is intimidated by the character of Patty Hewes on Damages
- Women love Patty Hewes because she keeps her power a la Elizabeth I
- Damages was originally pitched about how power changes people
- Loves the actors and performances that have happened on Damages
- Works with a lot of actors she came up with on Damages
- Shot a five page scene with Ellen stranded in a Maine snow storm
- Wouldn't have done Damages if it wasn't shot in New York
- Shared that Rosie (Rose Byrne) has giggle fits on the set all the time
- Feels Rosie has only gotten stronger as the show has progressed
- Wonders how Rose Byrne could be so pretty as Jon also did
- Feels Ellen would be a great number two, but never number one on Damages
- Has been able to do TV because of what's happened in her personal life
- Is thrilled to be in movies again which she's never left thanks to cable reruns
- Revealed the knife from Fatal Attraction is prominently displayed in her kitchen
- Remembered when Meryl Streep won an Emmy and told her she'll understand
- Will not allow Patty Hewes to lose at the end of Damages

Ronnie Mund (
- Loved the royal wedding of Prince Louie & Blair on Gossip Girl
- Recreated Prince Louie's dialogue from Gossip Girl which included the F word
- Doesn't need Viagra but told JD it's a good deal
- Complained how nobody lets him talk but will be coming in live very soon

JD Harmeyer (
- 2 things he loves: TV and hot chicks
- Has moved past Katrina Bowden's engagement
- Couldn't get over Paul Schaeffer's glasses
- Feels Ronnie should only recap Gossip Girl on this show
- Couldn't remember the actor he likes the most on Luck
- Didn't understand Milch speak but still loved Luck
- Fascinated by Ryan from The Biggest Loser's life spoiler

Steve Brandano (
- Pointed out how Jon hopped on THE Soul Train
- Decided Jenny's news theme will be TSOP by MSFB
- Told Jenny New Girl is doing just fine and has no issues
- Loved John from Cincinnati along with JD
- Didn't think Glenn Close has a different voice as Patty Hewes

Jenny Hutt (
- Started singing two minutes into the show
- Not at all surprised by The X Factor changes
- Informed Carla Gugino she vacationed with nice guy Shawn Levy
- Told Glenn Close she's a real superstar and said Wowza
- Informed the audience how Glenn takes care of her skin
- Fell for Ryan who won Biggest Loser season 1 put the weight back on
- Really likes Alcatraz but doesn't know if she really likes it and cannot watch it

Jon Hein (
- Could never get enough of the Soul Train and did his best Don Cornelius
- Happy that Donny Deutsch & Bill Maher used jumped the shark
- Enjoyed the premiere of Luck and is looking forward to more
- Tried to hop aboard the Happy Endings bandwagon but doesn't love it
- Loves the dog but not the new Lilly on Modern Family
- Asked Glenn Close if she cared about her Oscar nomination
- Is excited about The Walking Dead returning and how it crept up on us
- Disgareed with Biggest Loser season 1 winner Ryan that The Middle is great
- Pissed off that Super Bowl commercials get released online before the game
- Teased Elizabeth Banks & Tim Olyphant will be coming soon to WWW

What’s Worth Watching
February 2 – February 8
8p        30 Rock (NBC)
            American Idol (FOX)
            The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
            Wipeout (ABC)
830p    Parks & Recreation (NBC)
9p        The Office (NBC)
            The Union (HBO)
            Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
930p    Up All Night (NBC)
10p      Archer (FX)
12a      Delocated {3rd season premiere}  {JD's pick}

8p      A Gifted Man (CBS)
          Shark Tank (ABC)
9p      Fringe (FOX)
          Grimm (NBC)
10p    Blue Bloods (CBS)
          Portlandia/Todd Margaret (IFC)
          Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
          Spartacus: Vengeance (STARZ)

8p        COPS (FOX)
9p        NFL Honors (NBC)
10p      An Idiot Abroad (SCIENCE)
1130p  Saturday Night Live (NBC) {Channing Tatum/Bon Iver}

630p   Super Bowl XLVI (NBC) {Steve's pick}
9p       Luck (HBO)
           Shameless (SHO)
10p     The Voice (NBC)
           House of Lies (SHO)
8p       House (FOX)
           Gossip Girl (CW)  {Ronnie's pick}
           The Voice (NBC)
830p   Two Broke Girls (CBS)
9p       Being Human (SYFY)
           Alcatraz (FOX)  {Jenny's pick}
10p     Smash (NBC) {pilot}
           Castle (ABC)
           Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

8p      The Biggest Loser (NBC)
          Switched At Birth (ABC FAMILY)
9p      The River (ABC) {pilot}  {Jon's pick}
          New Girl (FOX)
930p  Raising Hope (FOX)
10p    Justified (FX)
          Southland (TNT)
          White Collar (USA)

8p     American Idol (FOX)
         The Middle (ABC)
9p     Modern Family (ABC)
         Mobbed (FOX)
         Inside The NFL (SHO) {33rd season finale}
10p   Hot In Cleveland (TV Land)
         Face Off (SYFY)
         Royal Pains (USA)

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