Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movin' On Up

Fast Food Mania is on the move.

Destination America has decided to anchor Wednesday nights with our new episodes at 10pm effective July 11th.

In addition, each week will feature new back to back Fast Food Mania episodes for a full hour of fast food pleasure.

Two marathons of our first four episodes have been scheduled to fill you up through June.

* Sunday, June 24 at noon Eastern

* Saturday, June 30 at 10am Eastern

We're skipping July 4th since everyone will be out eating and celebrating anyway, and returning with a splash on July 11th with my favorite episode of the series so far, "Originals".

Thanks again for tuning in and supporting Fast Food Mania. Gotta get back to my research. Check out the marathons, and then I'll see you Wednesday nights.


P.S.  I'm going to be busy on July 4 anyway. Heading to Coney Island to host a big Destination America event involving Apple Pie, which goes great with hot dogs (I won't forget my red fry fork).


  1. Please tell me the move and back-to-back new episodes does not mean that FFM is getting cancelled. It is the BEST

  2. Love the show! Has it been placed on the back burner or cancelled? Its truly not getting the love it should be receiving. Great interviews and discussions. Please don't let this show go away!