Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tonight's The Night - Early FAQ

I will be tweeting LIVE during the premiere of Fast Food Mania at 10pm Eastern on Destination America tonight!

We will be showing two episodes to kick off the series in style.

Feel free to tweet me any Fast Food Mania questions at @jonmhein. I'll try to provide some behind the scenes insight to tonight's episodes.

Here's a quick FAQ for some questions that I've already received:

Q. Did you eat everything plain on the show?
A. Actually, no. I decided if I was going to host the show, I would need to broaden my horizons and try food with stuff on it. You'll see me eating condiments galore, but watch carefully to see what I really enjoy. Yes, I still prefer stuff plain.

Q. What channel is Destination America on my TV?
A. The best way to find out what channel Fast Food Mania is on is to use the CHANNEL FINDER on top of the Destination America home page. They've got 'em broken down by zip code and system.

Q. Is the show on in Canada?
A. Honestly, I have no idea. I hope Destination America is on Canadian cable systems, but I'm not sure it it is.

Q. What does Howard think of the show?
A. Howard was very happy for me when I told him I was hosting the show. As for what he thinks of the final product, I'm going to find out on the air at the same time you do.

Q. How do you celebrate fast food with obesity at an all-time high?
A. This show focuses on fast food nostalgia and Americana, but of course we tackle the meals. No one is telling you to eat fast food every day, but when you do eat it, do it right and enjoy yourself.

Q. Are you worried about your health?
A. Of course I am, but this show isn't made up of crazy food challenges and constantly asking "how much can Jon eat?". I routinely monitor my blood sugar, and I'm very aware of how different fast food places alter my levels. Just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you can't make a stop at DQ.

Q. How much weight have you lost since you started taping the show?
A. Uh, none. But I haven't gained all that much. Probably 5 pounds or so.

Q. Are we going to see you in sports team t-shirts?
A. Nope. I had makeup and wardrobe, and deferred to their expertise.

Q. What was your favorite stop?
A. I had a good time almost everywhere we stopped, but the original KFC in Corbin, Kentucky holds a special place in my heart. I've always been a fan of the Colonel, and to stand in the kitchen where he came up with those original 11 herbs and spices was pretty cool.

That's all for now. See you tonight at 10 for the big premiere!


  1. I just watched your segment on Chick Fil A, and it was good. Except that you made an error. You stated that the chicken was never frozen, and it is. It is shipped to each restaurant in a frozen state from the Warehouses it is kept in. Just thought I would drop a line. Kudos though, the show was informative and funny.

  2. Just watched yor shows on demand, missed them last night. U did a great job!u should be proud! Wish u much success!

  3. Jon,

    Saw this article on diabetes.. Thought you may want to read it.