Sunday, December 18, 2022

TV Picks - Moving Forward

As 2022 comes to an end, so does my deal for a weekly TV picks column over at Primetimer. I might do some other writing for them next year, but that has yet to be determined. 

I will continue to post TV picks on a somewhat regular basis on this blog and might even involve some social media. Since I no longer have to adhere to a weekly schedule or worry about editing (not all TV is good TV), expect a slight shift in tone.

I'll be playing around with some formatting ideas but keeping things simple. Focus will be on new stuff that's coming out (maybe even some movies), what I'm currently watching, a little bit of Q&A, and other TV-related bits of interest. 

Thanks for caring about what I have to say when you're deciding what to watch on TV.  


  1. Hey Jon,

    Big fan (you could even say "extweem" fan, even. I've got so many awards... your thoughts? ;-P). I've come here regularly for your picks and you've turned me on to quite a few shows that I would have never otherwise heard of.

    This message comes with somewhat of an ominous, "farewell-esque," tone, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Sounds like you'll still be doing something similar and it can be found at this same web address? Or do you have a different blog that you are referring to at a different url?

    Congrats on the new/different Sirius gig @ the 101 channel. Bye for now, and I'll keep hittin' 'em with the Hein regardless.

  2. You should host the wrap up show it was way better with the three of you

    1. I agree. Rahsaan is getting a little too big for his britches. I was ok w/ him early on but it's obnoxious now. He thinks he's been a part of the crew forever...

  3. Jon,
    Roy Rogers is making a comeback in Cincinnati

  4. How do you feel knowing that all your favorite movie stars are pedophiles?