Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Best TV Series of 2023

Hi there. I took one year off from writing about TV, and honestly, I didn't miss that much.

Some TV critics are hailing 2023 as part of the "golden age" of television. I'm not sure what channels they watched this year. Don't mistake quantity for quality. 

If you looked hard enough, there were some gems to be found in 2023. 

My Top 10 TV Series

10. How To With John Wilson (HBO)

Came to this late, but loved this NYC filmmaker's journeys.

9. For All Mankind (Apple TV+)

Bounced back with a great season - watch from the start to appreciate its premise. 

8. Abbott Elementary (ABC)

The only network TV series worth your time. Trust me. 

7. Barry (HBO)

Made sure there were consequences by the time it wrapped up. 

6. Somebody Somewhere (HBO)

Plenty of heart and plenty of laughs. 

5. Reservation Dogs (FX)

What groundbreaking television is supposed to be - hits hard comedically and emotionally. Mvto.

4. The Last Of Us (HBO)

Lived up to the hype - great acting and a dark tale. 

3. Fargo (FX)

Comeback series of the year - give Juno Temple her Emmy now. 

2. Succession (HBO)

Intense throughout with a finale that made perfect sense.

1. The Bear (FX)

Venturing outside the restaurant took us deeper into the characters - the best show on TV in 2023. 

Happy new year!


  1. We want Jon Heins TV Show back

  2. Slow horses, Jack Ryan, Rabbit Hole, Special Ops: Lioness, Gen V, Citadel, Murder at the End of the World, Foundation, and several more were good watches. Although I could debate with Citadel as the topic and how they missed some opportunities