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What's Worth Watching Notes - November 17, 2011

What's Worth Watching show #15 will replay Sunday at 7am Eastern on Howard 101.  At least that's what they tell us.

- Jenny's TV News 
{NBC lineup shakeup}
- Interview with Steve Rannazzisi from The League
- This Is The Week That Was 
{The View, Rock Center, South Park, Homeland, Modern Family, The Walking Dead}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- What's Worth Watching: November 17 - November 23

Steve Rannazzisi (
- Huge Howard fan who prepared for WWW with some help from Paul Scheer
- Agreed with Jon that NBC never got Thursday nights right from the get go
- Jason Mantzoukas (Raffi on The League) is the funniest guy he's ever met in his life
- The League works off an outline like Curb Your Enthusiasm with plenty of takes
- Admitted to awkwardness being married on the show to Mark Duplass wife
- Creators of the show walkie in conflicting directions at times on the set
- Shoot 3 1/2 days for 1 episode which is high pressure for any show
- You need to hate your friends, not love football, to enjoy The League
- Confirmed Paul Scheer can never be baffled. Ever.
- The show's low budget led to branding a circle on his crotch
- Explained how guest star Matthew Berry was an idea man on the set
- Gets hit on by drunk frat dudes since he's the guy on The League
- Tried to work "Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop the clock" into the show
- Excited for Charlie Sheen to join the FX bowling event with SoA team
- The cast freely gives away lines to each other that work for those characters
- The NFL will not let The League use its logo, but loves the players coming on
- Revealed Chad Ocho Cinco has four cell phones for different functions
- Never misses an episode of 60 Minutes to get smart
- Insists that Showtime should get an app
- Called out Jason Kaplan for claiming to invent the Ziploc bag in the shower
- Accepted Jason's apology who then accused him of lifting shooting the porno

Ronnie Mund (
- Upset with Jon not taking his phone call earlier
- Loved the dude with the crossbow getting shot on The Walking Dead
- Enjoyed NCIS:LA set visit and when LL Cool J plays an investigator
- Turned down an opportunity to appear on The League

JD Harmeyer (
- Thinks Raffi on The League is 1 of the 5 best characters on TV
- One of the fans who pauses The League to critique a TV show's draft

Steve Brandano (
- Pulled Homeland clips which haven't spoiled the show but can't wait to watch
- Can't wait to see what happens to the hoodies on How To Make It In America

Jenny Hutt (
- Revealed she had a Sandusky moment at an early age
- Elizabeth Hasselbeck makes her feel badly about being a girl
- Picked The League as what to watch because Steve was sitting there
Jon Hein (
- Thinks NBC doesn't have a clue but is glad Community will eventually return
- Feels The League wouldn't work as well as it does if on a major network
- Doesn't miss the NBA at all
- Invited Steve & Paul to return when in town for their bowling event
- Thinks Jason's apology to Steve Rannazzisi was lame

What's Worth Watching
November 17 - November 23

8p          20/20: Katie Couric & Regis Philbin (ABC)
              The X Factor (FOX)  {Jenny's pick}
              Community (NBC)
              The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
              Thursday Night Football (NFLN) Jets vs Broncos  {JD's pick}
830p      Parks & Recreation (NBC)  {Jon's pick}
              Rules of Engagement (CBS)
9p          The Office (NBC)
              Person Of Interest (CBS)  
              Grey's Anatomy (ABC)  {Ronnie's pick}
10p        It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)
              Beavis and Butt-head (MTV) 
              Burn Notice (USA) 
1030p    The League (FX)  {Steve's pick}

9a         Regis & Kelly (ABC)  {Jenny's pick}
8p         Chuck (NBC) 
             Geek Charming (DIS)
             A Gifted Man (CBS)
9p         Fringe (FOX)  {s4 Fall finale}  {Steve's pick}
             Grimm (NBC)   {Jon's pick}
10p       Blue Bloods (CBS)   {Ronnie's pick}
             Boss (STARZ)  
11p       Strike Force (SHO)  {JD's pick}

8p         College Football (ABC)  {Jon's pick}
             COPS (FOX)  {JD's & Ronnie's pick}
11p       Donald Glover: Weirdo (COM)
1130p   Saturday Night Live (NBC) Jason Segel/Florence and the Machine {Jenny's & Steve's pick}

7p         60 Minutes (CBS)  {Steve's pick}
8p         Sunday Night Football: Eagles vs Giants (NBC)
             American Music Awards (ABC)
9p         The Walking Dead (AMC)  {Ronnie's pick}
             Boardwalk Empire (HBO)  
             The Good Wife (CBS)  {Jenny's pick}
             Dexter (SHO) 
             Woody Allen: A Documentary {JD's pick}
10p       Homeland (SHO)  {Jon's pick}
             Hell On Wheels (AMC) 
             Hung/How To Make It In America (HBO)  {Steve B's pick}

8p         Terra Nova (FOX) 
              How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
830p     Monday Night Football: Chiefs vs Patriots (ESPN) {JD's pick}
              2 Broke Girls (CBS)  {Jenny's pick}
9p         House (FOX)  {Jon's pick}
              Bored To Death (HBO)   
10p       Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)  {Ronnie's pick}

8p         The X Factor (FOX)  {Jenny's pick}
830p     Man Up (ABC)  {JD's pick}
9p         Dancing With The Stars (ABC) {13th season finale}
              NCIS: LA (CBS)  {Ronnie's pick}
10p       Sons of Anarchy (FX)  {Steve's & Jon's pick}
              Unforgettable (CBS) 

8p        Survivor (CBS)
9p        Modern Family (ABC) {Jenny's, JD's, Steve's and Jon's pick}
            Inside The NFL (SHO)
            Criminal Minds (CBS)  {Ronnie's pick}
10p      American Horror Story (FX)
            South Park (COM)
            Whitechapel (BBCA)  
            Revenge (ABC)

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